The Freedom Programme – End of Autumn Group.

So, today was the last session of my current Freedom Programme Group. It has been running since September (12 weeks). It has been very successful and most of the women who attended were sorry it had come to an end. I always try to run the programmes with humour and informally. I think this puts women at ease and helps them to feel more confident in sharing their stories, although, of course, there is no obligation for anyone to talk about what has happened to them. That being said, most of them do want to as they gain such marvellous support from other women who they feel understand how they feel and what they have been through.

Today was a celebration of their achievements over the last 12 weeks and we had a feast. One of the women made delicious Singapore Chicken Noodles with lemon wedges. Another brought in Christmas Chocolate Yule Log cake. We had mince pies and vanilla doughnuts and most importantly a fun time.

I shall miss them all and am very proud of all of them.

Have to share this picture of the Singapore Chicken Noodles. What a way to end a brilliant group programme!20151216_120448

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