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I was told today about an App called Talking Parents.  One of my clients told me that she uses this to communicate with her abusive ex partner in matters concerning their child.  This particular client has had a really disappointing experience with the family courts and was ordered to give her ex partner unsupervised contact.  I am sure there are lots of us that can sympathise with this issue.  However, having found herself in this situation, she searched for something online that could not only facilitate the court order but also help her record the communication between herself and her ex partner.  I had not heard of this and so looked it up and I think it really does have a lot of potential benefits.  It is an American website but easily transferrable to the UK and other countries.  The information stored on the app is admissible in court, which means that should either parent need to present communication as evidence in any family court proceedings, they can do so immediately and in order of when the communication took place.

It would look as though in America, the use of this app can be court ordered in cases where there has been alleged domestic abuse or where there are other child contact or residency issues.  I am not aware that this is the case in the UK.  However, even in cases where there are no abuse issues, I feel this could still prove to be a very useful tool for separated/divorced parents.

This is the link to the website which explains how the app works etc.  I have also put the link on my ‘Useful Links‘ page.



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