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I was contacted last week by Karla in America and she asked me if I would add their website link to my website.  Of course I agreed.  The correlation is huge between domestic abuse and substance misuse and the information on this website is relevant and useful wherever in the world you live.  Take a look at their website or go to my Useful Links page…

I also saw a post on Facebook shared by an old friend of mine from our Board of Trustee for Womensaid days, Lesley Gibson.  She is the CEO of ‘Harbour’ which is an organisation in Hartlepool, in the North East of England.  Here is the article

This brave guy, Jonathan Larmin, has come through domestic abuse by his ex female partner, with the support of Harbour Support Services and has started his own peer support group for men who are or have experienced domestic abuse.  I was so impressed with Jonathan when I read this article, that I contacted him and asked him if I could include his details and details of the support group on my website.  He was happy for me to do this.  I realise it will only be useful for men who are living in the North Shields area, however, I feel it is important to be fully inclusive and even if you do not live in that area, I am sure you will find Jonathan’s story as inspiring as I do.  Again, you can see the information on my Useful Links page or go straight to the article here…..

Last but not least, I have added the latest Evaluation of The Freedom Programme to the site.  This was the programme which ran in Westminster, London in the Autumn of 2019.  You can find it here……

Latest Evaluation of The Freedom Programme





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