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Emmerdale slammed by domestic abuse centre after Charity hits son Noah in shocking scenes (

We need to talk about the response to the Marilyn Manson abuse allegations | Louder (

Domestic abuse centre condemns shock Emmerdale storyline which saw Charity slap son Noah | Daily Mail Online

EPISODES | My Site 1 (

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Justice Secretary admits budget cuts ‘were a factor’ in national rape prosecution rates which sees fewer than five per cent of cases charged

Charities warn of spike in domestic violence after England’s defeat | Metro News

Domestic violence set to surge after Euros 2020 final due to alcohol consumption, whether England win or lose (

Millions of fans are expected to watch the Euro final, but bear in mind the hidden consequences – ABC News

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Am I being Gaslighted? – Netmums

Thug who ran over girlfriend, 24, TWICE fracturing her pelvis and ribs walks FREE as she says he should ‘rot in jail’

How to use Claire’s Law

Domestic Abuse Services brace for surge in victims seeking help in first week of January

How to spot the effects of domestic abuse in children.

#MenToo: Unravelling The Myths Around Domestic Abuse Towards Men

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: why the high-profile defamation trial is more than just ‘celebrity drama’

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