Interesting Article – Salon Saviours, Wolverhampton.

In my regular trawl of the internet looking for interesting facts, new legislation etc on domestic abuse, I stumbled across the attached.

What an ingenious idea!  I have tried this before, without success.  When developing the IDV service for Westminster, London, in 2004, I visited lots of hairdressers asking them to advertise the new IDVA service in their salons.  I met with horror and much anxiety.  “We don’t want to put our clients off coming here”, most of them said!  I returned to the drawing board with tail between my legs!

Surely, establishments where mainly only women frequent is the ideal place to advertise such services.  A safe haven.  We all talk to our hairdressers about things that we wouldn’t normally discuss with just anyone – don’t we?  I know I do!  So I was really pleased to see that this initiative is at work in Wolverhampton and that salons have signed up to it.  I will be sure to keep an eye out to see how they get on.

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