Domestic Abuse: App to track incidents.

Saw this article today when searching for my domestic abuse articles and think this is a great idea and one which women would welcome and use.  In my experience,  it is difficult for women to re live their experiences of abuse when reporting it to the police or trying to get an injunction, for example.  With this app they could record the incidents as they happen for the purposes of future disclosure and reporting.

When you are living with domestic abuse, it is very easy to ‘switch off’ and minimise the abuse.  This is perfectly natural and does not mean that, that woman is not being protective towards her children o is dismissing the abuse.  It is simply a coping mechanism as if women carried these thoughts and memories actively in our minds all the time, they would not be able to cope!  Having an app like this could be used at the very minimum for women to ‘store’ the information of past abuse and draw upon this information to remind them of what they have been through – in preparation of leaving an abusive relationship, and to measure how far they have come once they have left the relationship.

Hope we get this in the UK soon………..

You can also read this article on my ‘Online Articles’ page.

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