With the UK into it’s third national lockdown, raising awareness of Domestic Abuse has never been more vital. 

One in five offences – more than a quarter of a million – recorded by police during and immediately after the first national lockdown in England and Wales last year involved domestic abuse, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and there are fears of similar figures emerging amid the current national lockdown.

Although The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made it clear that people can leave their home and travel if it is to escape domestic abuse, the reality is that being at home with your abuser 24 hours a day, means the opportunities to flee are going to be practically non-existent.

But as the UK comes out of this lockdown, whenever that may be, it is more important than ever before to make sure that every organisation, agency, staff room, reception, G.P surgery, dentist surgery, hairdressing salon, nail bar  – the list is endless – has the resources and products to raise awareness of domestic abuse and how victims/survivors can get help, support and advice.

Well look no further!  Head to my website page – Items for Sale – Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company for all your awareness raising needs.  From information on The Freedom Programme to free resources from NCDV (National Centre for Domestic Violence) to my own awareness raising merchandise, it’s all there.

Can you make a difference?




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