With the UK into it’s third national lockdown, raising awareness of Domestic Abuse has never been more vital. 

One in five offences – more than a quarter of a million – recorded by police during and immediately after the first national lockdown in England and Wales last year involved domestic abuse, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and there are fears of similar figures emerging amid the current national lockdown.

Although The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made it clear that people can leave their home and travel if it is to escape domestic abuse, the reality is that being at home with your abuser 24 hours a day, means the opportunities to flee are going to be practically non-existent.

But as the UK comes out of this lockdown, whenever that may be, it is more important than ever before to make sure that every organisation, agency, staff room, reception, G.P surgery, dentist surgery, hairdressing salon, nail bar  – the list is endless – has the resources and products to raise awareness of domestic abuse and how victims/survivors can get help, support and advice.

Well look no further!  Head to my website page – Items for Sale – Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company for all your awareness raising needs.  From information on The Freedom Programme to free resources from NCDV (National Centre for Domestic Violence) to my own awareness raising merchandise, it’s all there.

Can you make a difference?




Happy New Year!




Happy New Year and thank you to everyone that has supported me in 2021, professionally and personally.  

It has been a really tough year for everyone.  The pandemic has brought with it new ways of living and working and surviving!  Sacrifices made and people we love lost.  Women imprisoned in homes with their abusers – even less able to escape than before.  

The light at the end of the tunnel is still very dim!  But we can do this.  If we all pull together.

We can make 2021 a happier, healthier and safer year for everyone.


Can you tell the difference?!

I wanted to flag up this article which was brought to my attention by the Freedom Programme, which I facilitate.

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Men’s Magazine And A Rapist? (jezebel.com)

I didn’t think I was easily shocked anymore, but when I tried to guess the answers to the questions within this article, I was very shocked!!

This is what is wrong with our society!  This is why men think it is ok to be abusive to women.  We can not simply stand by and shrug our shoulders.

Try to answer the questions.  I think you will be shocked too!!


Stuck for what to get your favourite person for Christmas??!!

If your partner cares about domestic abuse –  If they support the cause to end violence against women and make domestic abuse socially unacceptable – and you are in need of ideas for their Christmas stocking!  Then look no further!  The awareness raising products make great presents and also help me to support women experiencing domestic abuse.

For prices please follow the link below:

Items for Sale – Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company

Mr Right & Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets.

These fridge magnets come as a pair and are a visual reminder of the difference between an abusive man and a non abusive man.  Perfect for women who have experienced domestic abuse, regardless of whether they have completed The Freedom Programme or not.

Also ideal for organisations and qualified individual facilitators of The Freedom Programme to give to women who attend their programmes.  I often give these to women once they have completed the programme, as a gift, but also to remind them of the knowledge they have acquired by participating in the programme.





£2 a pair plus free postage & packing.

For bulk order prices, please contact


Christmas is coming!!!

These pretty ‘Catch Your Dream’ Fund jars make wonderful night lights.  I know, because I use one for the same purpose.  Made by a very close friend of mine and fellow survivor of domestic abuse, they make lovely Christmas presents for that special person in your life and by purchasing one, you are also supporting women experiencing domestic abuse.




£6 plus postage & packing.

Contact sharon@sharonbryanconsultancy.com

As we approach International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women…………

In the UK 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and 2 women a week are killed.

For the year ending March 2019 – 1.6 million women experienced domestic abuse in the UK.  

 At a time when more and more women are trapped in their own homes as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns – safety planning is paramount.

An ordinary looking keyring with a simple design that would ‘go over’ most abusers heads with not a second thought.  But using a small coin, the casing comes apart and inside is a hidden, pull out, personalised safety plan with guidance on what to do to avert a crisis situation, what to do in an emergency and who to call for help and assistance.

 The cost of domestic abuse on the public purse, in the UK, is estimated to be £5.5 billion pounds a year!!

These potentially life saving safety plan keyrings cost £4 each with free postage and packing.  Bundles of 5, 10, 15 & 20 keyrings are available at a discount.  

Let’s do the maths!!

For more information and details of how to order and pay, please contact me on


For all establishments that cater for mainly women or who employ mainly women……….

Your establishments are one of the very few places where women experiencing domestic abuse go alone!


Statistically, we know that 1 in women experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes.  That means that in every 3 of your clients or employees are experiencing domestic abuse RIGHT NOW!!

Shocking isn’t it?

These unique ‘Safety Plan’ keyrings have two main purposes.  The first – to highlight to women using your services that your establishment is a safe space where they are able to get this information.  An establishment that cares!

The second – these normal looking keyrings have a casing which can be opened and hidden inside is a personalised pull out safety plan, giving guidance to women about how they can avert an escalation in their abusive partners behaviour, what they can do in the event of an emergency to keep themselves and any children they may have, safe and national numbers they can call to access help, support and advice.

Domestic Abuse increased by 3x during the first lockdown.  It is anticipated that this will be the case again in relation to the most recent lockdown.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase any of these keyrings to put on your front desks/reception areas/staff rooms.  They are £4 each with free P&P and £3.75 each when bought in bundles of 5 and over plus P&P.  All proceeds go towards funding more keyrings.




Unique ‘Safety Plan’ Keyrings.

As a result of successful Crowdfunding, I am really happy to promote my unique

‘Safety Plan’ keyrings.

An ordinary looking keyring with a simple design.  But using a small coin, the casing comes apart and inside is a hidden, pull out, personalised safety plan with guidance on what to do to avert a crisis situation, what to do in an emergency and who to call for help and assistance.

Perfect for Children’s Service’s Departments, Police Community Safety Unit’s, Housing Advice Centre’s – to give to survivors of domestic abuse as part of their safety planning and safeguarding interventions.  Perfect also, for front desks/receptions of beauty salons, hairdressing salons and other similar establishments which are often the only places, women go alone!  Women can also purchase individually for themselves.

The keyrings cost £4 each with free postage and packing.  If you require a bundle of keyrings, postage and packing will be extra but I will be able to offer a discount on keyring bundles.  Suitable for use anywhere in the UK.

For more information and details of how to order and pay, please contact me on


All proceeds from the sale of these keyrings go back into Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company to fund further production of these unique ‘Safety Plan’ keyrings.