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As part of my commitment to supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence and raising awareness of the same, I have created this substack account where I will place regular blogs and articles about domestic abuse. I will try to challenge many misconceptions and myths about domestic abuse and the people that experience it! and talk about topical issues surrounding the latest legislation and news stories – anything and everything with a focus on domestic abuse and violence. You can subscribe for free to my posts or you can, if you choose to, sign up for a paid subscription for a small monthly amount. As always, all monies received will go straight back into the ‘community’ which in my case, is the many people I support and advise who have or are experiencing domestic abuse and violence and the many women who attend my Freedom Programmes which are weekly for 3 months at a time. I facilitate group Freedom Programmes 3-4 times a year – and all of this I do through my Community Interest Company, Sharon Bryan Consultancy. If you are interested in this subject, please subscribe. I will try to post at least a couple of times a month. So – what are you waiting for? 😉

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