For all establishments that cater for mainly women or who employ mainly women……….

Your establishments are one of the very few places where women experiencing domestic abuse go alone!


Statistically, we know that 1 in women experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes.  That means that in every 3 of your clients or employees are experiencing domestic abuse RIGHT NOW!!

Shocking isn’t it?

These unique ‘Safety Plan’ keyrings have two main purposes.  The first – to highlight to women using your services that your establishment is a safe space where they are able to get this information.  An establishment that cares!

The second – these normal looking keyrings have a casing which can be opened and hidden inside is a personalised pull out safety plan, giving guidance to women about how they can avert an escalation in their abusive partners behaviour, what they can do in the event of an emergency to keep themselves and any children they may have, safe and national numbers they can call to access help, support and advice.

Domestic Abuse increased by 3x during the first lockdown.  It is anticipated that this will be the case again in relation to the most recent lockdown.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase any of these keyrings to put on your front desks/reception areas/staff rooms.  They are £4 each with free P&P and £3.75 each when bought in bundles of 5 and over plus P&P.  All proceeds go towards funding more keyrings.



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