Isolation Junction
The first novel by the incredible Jennifer Gilmour. Jennifer comes from the North East of England and is the founder and presenter of #Abuse Talk which is a Twitter Chat, held every Wednesday on the Twitter platform. Jennifer is also an advocate for women in abusive relationships and a public speaker.

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Clipped Wings
The second book by Jennifer Gilmour – Clipped Wings is a collection of true stories from survivors of domestic abuse.r.

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‘Wish’, is Evie’s first book and tells the true story of the 11 years of abuse she suffered at the hands of her violent ex partner and how she escaped.
Evie has written her story to help raise awareness of domestic abuse and to help empower those in a similiar circumstance.
Evie is a passionate campaigner against domestic abuse and 10% of all proceeds from ‘Wish’ will be donated to the charity, Survive.
Evie writes using a pseudonym to protect the identity of all those involved.

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getting-outGetting Out

Getting Out offers new insight into how women victimized in abusive relationships can successfully exit these tumultuous environments. Goetting and Jory present qualitative data derived from interviews with several women who survived abusive relationships. As one reads these stories, there is no doubt that the authors remain true to the integrity of these women’s lives. They present their highs and lows, their tragedies and victories, with attention to detail and a feminist lens through which to understand the context of each woman’s experience. Goetting and Jory showcase the women’s stories in a purposeful manner. Perhaps the most practical feature of this book is the ease with which it can be read. As with most qualitative research, the product feels like a novel based in truth. Goetting and Jory have done a great service to the discipline by providing a window into these women’s lives through which we can all learn a great deal.

Sharon Bryan’s ‘story’ is Chapter 8.

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A Father's BetrayalA Father’s Betrayal

Muna and her three sisters were happy children, growing up in Newport South Wales with their English mother and Arabic father. But in 1972 her mother disappeared, setting in motion a chain of events which would forever shatter her seemingly loving family. The young girls would later learn that she had been murdered by their own father. Traumatised and confused, Muna and her sisters were taken abroad under the guise of a holiday, unaware of the horrors that lay ahead. Betrayed by the one person left to protect them, the sisters were unwittingly sold as child brides by their father. Suffering 17 years of horrific abuse at the hands of her father and others, Muna watched helplessly as, one by one, those she loved the most were torn from her, in the most tragic of circumstances. 
 A Father’s Betrayal is the unbelievable true story of Muna’s desperate battle for survival, on a devastating journey which claimed the lives of her mother and sister, and changed her own life forever.

I am lucky enough to personally know Gabby Gillespie and am inspired by her and her courage to write this book.

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The Trouble With Women

Iconic cartoonist Jacky Fleming returns with her first book in over 10 years.


“Jacky Fleming nails it with her razor-sharp observational writing and drawing in this very funny and fresh take on women in history. Fleming is a genius but with normal hair” (Simone Lia author of FLUFFY)

“Highly original and very funny. Takes history and turns it upside down, adding generous dollops of wit and charm” (Isy Suttie)

 I am fortunate to know Jacky Fleming and it is Jacky’s images that you see throughout my website.  Jacky also created my branding.  I am eternally grateful to Jacky for her help, support and endless patience in the development of this site.

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Behind Closed Doors

This book is not a true story as far as I know.  But it is excellent.  I was gripped from page 1 and could barely put it down.  This Story clearly illustrates what coercive control is, albeit in the most serious form.  I am not suggesting for one minute that how ‘Grace’ dealt with it in the book, is how anyone should deal with it, but it is is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in how coervice control can become as harmful and destructive as physical abuse.

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Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life

I have had the good fortune of watching Professor Evan Stark speak at a conference I attended recently.  In my opinion, what he says makes complete sense.  Most women will tell you that the physical abuse is not anywhere near as bad as the emotional abuse.  The bruises from physical abuse heal and go away, the emotional abuse never does.  This book is an eye opener and is not only useful for professionals working in the field but also for women who have experienced coercive control and would like to understand more about the ‘mechanics’ behind their experiences.

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Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender: Strategy for Policy and Practice

This book is vital for professionals in understanding how to respond to Domestic Abuse in all its forms and enable them to better safeguard women and children living with abuse.  One of its writers – Frank Mullane, started the charity ‘Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse’ (AAFDA), after his sister and niece were murdered by his brother in law.  Frank is an inspiration to many and works tirelessly to support other families who have lost loved ones to Domestic Abuse.

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