Thank you everyone for all your support.

The Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company Domestic Abuse Awareness Month raffle has now been drawn.

If you have won a prize, you will have been notified by email by RallyUp – the platform I used to run the raffle.  You will also have had a message or email from me.  Congratulations to all the winners!  If you were unlucky on this occasion, and did not win a prize, you should have also received an email from RallyUp, to inform you.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought entries to the raffle.  The raffle raised £290 in total and every penny of this will go to support women who have experienced, or who still are experiencing domestic abuse.

The drawing of this raffle, this evening, feels even more important as we hear that we are about to go into another national lockdown which means that domestic abuse will again undoubtedly rise.

So, again, thank you so much for all your support.  I have just started a Freedom Programme which these funds will help me to run.  Please look out for updates on my work and know that you have all made a difference to someone’s life by supporting

Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company.


Raffle is now closed!

The Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company Domestic Abuse Awareness Month raffle has now closed!!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased entries for the raffle to support my work in raising awareness of domestic abuse and supporting women who have experienced domestic abuse or are still experiencing domestic abuse. 

I am so pleased to be able to inform everyone that one of the aims of my fundraising has come to fruition!  Last night I started a Freedom Programme on Zoom with 9 wonderful, strong women survivors and it went brilliantly.

I would not have been able to do this if it was not for all your support – most people who have pledged to my Crowdfunder have also purchased raffle entries, which is incredibly generous.

The raffle draw is tomorrow at 6pm!!  Those of you who have entries but are not lucky enough to win prizes will receive an automatic email to inform you.  I will be personally emailing the winners to inform them and tell them what they have won.

Again, on behalf of the Freedom Programme women and myself, a massive

THANK YOU.       




The countdown starts here!…

The countdown is on! 

The Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company Crowdfunder ends on the 7th November 2020.  I have been absolutely blown away by all the kind and generous pledges to this fundraising event.  I can’t thank everyone enough for showing their support.  I am happy to report that I start an Online Freedom Programme on Thursday 29th October 2020 and have 10 wonderful and strong women joining me for the programme.  This funding has helped me facilitate this programme and I feel I can say on their behalf as well as mine – Thank you.

Of course, my target for the Crowdfunder was £2,000 and perhaps that was rather too optimistic given we are all living in extremely difficult circumstances.  I am, currently, as I write this, £113 off the half way mark to my target and I would love to reach half way, which is £1,000 by the time the event ends.

I have said it before and will say it again – if just around a quarter of the people that follow me on social media pledge just £1, that target of £1,000 will be reached in no time.  I am almost there in terms of being able to get 250 ‘safety plan’ keyrings into production for women that are experiencing domestic abuse.

The final push is on!  Please help me to get to £1,000.

Just 7 days left! Don’t delay, enter today!

You have just 7 days left to be in with a chance of winning one of these magnificent prizes!

5 Class Online Yoga Pass

Make-Up Masterclass/Remote Make-Up Tutorial

Pebbles & Welch JanSallyAnn Bag & Claire Louise Jewellery

Tropic Skincare Body Wash Collection & Cleansing Body Pebble

Purple Domestic Abuse Awareness Dream Catcher x 2

‘Catch Your Dream’ Fund Money Box

Making domestic abuse socially unacceptable?

Is it realistic, do you think, that one day domestic abuse will end completely?  I’d like to think so but sometimes I wonder.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday and he was saying he didn’t want to end domestic abuse!  He felt that was an unattainable dream.  What he thought WAS achievable was to make it socially unacceptable.  And I think he has a point!

Let’s consider that 30 years ago, people, including me, were lighting up cigarettes in pubs and restaurants, trains, planes even.  Adults in their 20’s and 30’s and even older, would not remember when you could smoke on a plane or on the underground!  They react with shock and disgust.  Now, I can think of nothing worse than being in a restaurant with someone at the table next to me smoking.  My clothes smelling of smoke.  How did I even think that was ok?  But I did.  Then slowly but surely, people campaigned against people smoking in confined spaces.  It took years to do it but eventually, it has become socially unacceptable.  We are not allowed to do it but more than that we don’t want to do it!

I looked it up on the internet.  I typed in ‘socially unacceptable meaning’.  This is what came up…

socially unacceptable things are behaviours that the society has been conditioned to dislike over time’

Just like smoking!  Smacking children is another example of something that used to happen and no one thought anything of it, but is seen as socially unacceptable now and we are uncomfortably aware that it is not ok.  And of course, women being housewives!  Women not working, staying at home and being at their husbands beck and call.  This was socially acceptable.  When I am facilitating The Freedom Programme, I give out the following article which was printed in the ‘Housekeeping Monthly’ magazine in May 1955.  It was called ‘The Good Wife’s Guide’!

When I show the women who attend my programme, they laugh.  They can’t believe it.  Some think I have made it up.  But No!.  This was how our society felt women should behave in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It took years for us, as a society to change our views about how women should behave and women’s groups and campaigners worked tirelessly to change the public perception.  To make this socially unacceptable.  And on the whole, it worked didn’t it?  Or did it?

Well, I think things have changed radically since this article was published.  But I feel it is this deep rooted societal perception of women and what their role in society is, that is at the heart of why some men are abusive.

So when I think about this, and about all the other things that we see now as socially unacceptable that we once thought of as socially ACCEPTABLE, I think maybe one day we can do the same with domestic abuse.  Sadly I feel that to eradicate it completely may be too high a mountain to climb.

We have come a long way but we have still got so far to go.  I hope that in my lifetime I see a day when the mention of domestic abuse shocks and disgusts everyone, like smoking on a plane does now!   But until then, I will keep working at it…..


I make no apologies!!!

To the people out there who are thinking – “she’s asking for money again!” – I make absolutely no apologies!!

There were at least 16 domestic abuse homicides between the 23rd March and the 12th April 2020.  These included children.  The average for this period of time over the last 10 years was an average 5 deaths.

As a society we can no longer ignore these statistics.  This could be our mother, daughter, granddaughter, aunt…….

On Monday 12th October 2020, I will be launching the…

Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company’s Domestic Abuse Awareness Month Raffle.  Companies and individuals have generously donated services and prizes to support the women who will benefit from the proceeds of this raffle.

I hope I can count on your support too?

Raffle Announcement

What could you buy for just £3!!??

Just £3 will pay for a unique ‘Safety Plan’ keyring.  These keyrings are one of a kind.  On the outside, they look like any normal keyring.  On the inside is an insert with a potentially live saving safety plan and essential national helpline numbers for women experiencing and trying to escape domestic abuse.  Sharon Bryan Consultancy Community Interest Company is currently commissioning the production of these keyrings.

Just £3 will pay for one more keyring to free one more woman from domestic abuse.