New online support group……

I have recently created a new online support group for survivors of domestic abuse.  The group is also open to professionals who work in the field who are in the position to give reliable, consistent and realistic advice around issues relevant to domestic abuse.

This group is to support women who have been, or are experiencing domestic abuse, in any of its forms.  I am hoping to grow a community of like minded women who can also support and advise each other.

The group is very new and at present I moderate it alone.  However, I hope in time, members will support and empower each other.  The group will be for women, and be run by women.

I have created a private, secret group on Facebook called ‘No More Walking On Eggshells’.

The only way that anyone can join this group is by being invited through me and of course, they must have a Facebook account, which I realise counts some people out, but this was the easiest way to create the group.

I am now looking for more members for the group so that we can create a diverse, hopefully international resource for women who are experiencing abuse, and professionals working in the field who are happy to give free advice around such issues as legal options, housing, social care, benefits, to name but a few.

If any survivors would like to join this private group, please email me at with your name, where you are from, whether you are a professional, survivor or both! and your Facebook details and I will get back to you as soon as I can to add you to the group.

At the present time, I am only inviting women to join the group.  This is because I feel that the current members, of what is a new group, prefer it this way and it is important to me to create an environment of trust.  However, this may change as the group evolves.

‘No More Walking On Eggshells’ is an autonomous private group and decisions made, as to content etc, will be decided by its members.

The Cyber Helpline…..

Found this resource and thought I would share.  I have worked with many women recently who have been victims of cyber stalking, bullying, harassment and revenge porn.  This form of abuse is increasing.  Therefore, an organisation such as this could be really helpful to women in this situation.

The Cyber Helpline is a free, confidential helpline for individuals who have been a victim of cyber crime. We help individuals contain, recover and learn from cyber attacks by linking them with cyber security technology & experts who provide relevant advice and guidance.